The One That Took 8 Years

By Aniruddha Bhagwat, CEO and Co-Founder

The first one is always special. It is special because of all the times we failed, the times we doubted ourselves, and the commitment we made to never to give up. It is an outcome of the struggle, fights and terribly hard work. In reality, its really only one recognition at one platform in one category, but for us, it means so much more. It’s our first gold, and while Ideosphere has been recognized at various times in our journey, this recognition just means a bit more. 

We have always taken pride in working together, working hard and ensuring we never give up. The launch of Balco Medical Centre stretched this ideology to the fullest. As we came closer to the launch, we found ourselves in between a bitter fight between the Government and the opposition on the launch of this hospital. We were receiving notices from the Government, criticism from the media, and a cloud of doubt on the actual launch of the hospital, even as close as a couple of weeks prior to the launch. In fact as I landed in Raipur a couple of days prior to the launch, my phone was filled with messages alerting me a crisis had broken out as I was in the air. 

 As my stress levels began to rise, I received a call of assurance from my co-founder back at our offices telling me not to worry and that she is on it. I knew the launch was going to be success, and this two-minute call with Minal further strengthened by intuition. From then on, our teams were on ground every minute until the launch ensuring the media was getting the right messages, keeping a look out for demonstrations from the opposition, and ensuring a positive image of the launch was demonstrated. We looked at every message, and even stayed up the night prior to the launch rewriting the entire anchor script to analyzing each word that was spoken. We took ownership of the launch, and treated the launch, not as a client, but as our own. 

 This launch was truly a team effort, and my intuition was right. It was a great success, and with the Hon Chief Minister stating on record this was a the best facility he had seen in Central India, we knew we had won. The team wasn’t only our own, but the Balco Medical team as well. It was a truly partnered launch, and a successful one at that. 

 The journey of not only this launch, but also all the learning we have had as a company over the last eight years, allowed us to make this launch a success. We truly believe that good things come to those who wait, and this Gold was truly worth the wait. I am sure we will win more golds in the future, but this one will always stand tall at the top of our war chest.