Consequence of a Message

Great communication creates possibilities. Bad communication must, therefore, have consequences.

We created the Consequences of a Message Platform to hold a mirror to the undesirable traits of communication and message design. Here, we discuss how words and visuals, when strung into unwieldy messages, can cause unfortunate results for enterprises that propagate them. We think about the consequence of a message so that companies & leaders can turn their messages from weapons of (dire) consequence to opportunities of possibility.

The COAM Podcast

Ep 0: COAM Trailer

The beauty of words is that they can go beyond their meaning. Words can yield different outcomes
based on context, timing, and intended audience. The right words can unlock terrific possibilities,
while the wrong ones can unleash terrible consequences. This podcast explores how words and
messages, when wielded incorrectly, can cause unfortunate results for the bearers. We think about
the consequence of a message so that enterprises & leaders can turn their words from weapons of
consequence to opportunities of possibility.

Ep 1: Oh, Sudha! It’s not so simple!

What do you get when an icon of simplicity meets an outspoken immigration officer? The answer is
not so simple. In the inaugural episode of Consequence of a Message, we discuss the dangers of
making assumptions – as enterprises, leaders, or even an unfortunate immigration officer. And while
speaking out is commendable, not speaking at all can often be its own reward.

Ep 2: Filter your water, coffee and opinions!

Being a prominent leader means you have an army of people waiting to finish your statements. You say a few words, and boom – there are 10 assumptions breaking it down immediately. In a world where every word you utter is recorded, scrutinized & “cleverly” edited for all to see, it’s more important than ever to be careful of what, how & when you say something.

The last thing any CEO (and their communication advisors) want, is to wade into controversy that
could cost their company millions in stock value and top line. Unfortunately, it’s easier than ever in
today’s clickbait-run environment to be caught out with sensationalist headlines. Tune in to
Consequence of a Message, Episode 2, “Filter your water, coffee & opinions!”- where we discuss
that while speech is free, the penalties can be Expensive. Filter for best results.

Ep 3: Houston, we have a token!

Sincere or Symbolic? 
Profound or Perfunctory? 
Truthful…or Tokenistic? 
Therein lies the dilemma of organizations that wish to portray their diversity.

With the world becoming a more accepting & positive place, the last thing any company wants is to be accused of being stuck in the Dark Ages. And while on the face of it, most enterprises may look like they’ve ‘awoken’ in the new century – do they all mean it? Does it come from the heart? Or is it simply a way to shield their reputations from the label of being ‘anti-woke’? Tune in to Episode 3 of Consequence of a Message, “Houston, we have a token!” to find out if your organisation may have already become a perpetrator of tokenism.

Ep 4: 70 Shades of Grey

A fish called the Skate is the only animal in the world that can see in just 2 colours- black & white. Humans, on the other hand, are capable of seeing a million more. However, we appear to lose this ability every time we hear anything even slightly controversial. We insist on seeing the world as dual toned while ignoring each shade of grey that lies in between.
But does the world really work like that? Should every complicated discussion under the sun be forced into a bucket of either right or wrong? Or should we take the time to find out if the truth lurks somewhere in between? Tune in to Episode 4 of Consequence of a Message, “70 Shades of Grey”, where we discuss how you can resist the urge to jump to a conclusion & instead, take the time to walk to it.

Ep 5: Collateral Consequence

A butterfly flapping its wings on one end of the earth can cause a tornado to form on the other. So too can a small action have a far-reaching impact and a message can create unforeseen consequences. Consequence of a Message is back, bringing to you our 5th Episode, Collateral Consequence.
Join us as we unravel how each message you share can cause a domino effect of events to unfold. Whether that message creates collateral damage or collateral possibilities is what we’re here to advise you on. Maybe the butterfly should be careful of flapping and humanity should think twice before yapping.

The Opinions

The Critique

Shoeb, our CIO, helms a PR zeitgeist series with PRMoment India, capturing the best and worst of PR examples from an Indian context. We don’t use the adage – There is no Bad PR – anymore, and for a good reason. Hopefully, you, the reader, understand the consequences of communication through these examples.

March 2024

Zomato delivers ‘poor’ veg messaging, Pepsi wins the Holi video game but godmen have a bad month

March 2024

Good and Bad PR: Urban Company Soars with Chhoti Soch, Govt officials Face Backlash for Survivor Shaming

February 2024

Good and Bad PR: Bold Care ropes in Saas-Bahu serials and porn star Johnny Sins, Taylor Swift almost make it to the moon

January 2024:

Good and Bad PR: Samsonite's reputation is as sturdy as their products, EaseMyTrip's jingoistic journey wins few fans.

December 2024:

Good and Bad PR year-end review: ISRO, Apple, Barbenheimer fly high in 2023, but it's a resounding thud for Byju's, Adani, Dukaan.

November 2024:

Google Pixel and Anil Kapoor, the Stanley Cup get a thumbs up for Good PR, MakeMyTrip's jingoist campaign is in poor taste.

November 2024:

Good and Bad PR: Narayana Murthy, Tony Fernandes get some bad PR, looking like a Wow goes viral.

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