The Men I Celebrate This Women’s Day

‘To each is its own’, and on this occasion of the celebratory International Women’s Day, this is my version of what the day means to me. I have been, since beginning, very conservative in terms of appreciating or acknowledging people, without any ulterior motive to it; I truly believed the world should be told aloud, when it really means something. Hence today, I would like to acknowledge the men who have contributed to the woman I am. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet & learn from these icons of my life

My Dad

A man of integrity and dedication. I remember his consistent push to be better, move with times, and agility towards building relationships. He was, in the most surreal manner, the strongest connect for us, as his dedication towards his family and his craft was something you just could not ignore. Some people understood his perseverance, some did not, but his foundation was always intact. He was a man of a few words, but with a great understanding for his children. As I grow, I still try to imbibe his qualities and his simplicity. I thank him for making me so strong and his teaching me: “Never Quit on Relationships, Keep Trying” 

My Husband

The most cliché relationship as Nikhil does not even closely personify the ideal personality of a “husband”. Freedom and to be your own person is just not what he says but has been acting upon since the day we met 15 years ago. He takes my brat like behavior, which trust me I am, and allows me the space to blossom to find my own path, while continuing to appreciate me on every milestone of my life be it personal or professional. Yes, we have our own areas of differences, as any couple would have, but without a blink of an eye, he is my partner for life. 

My Comrade

I have always had a wall around me, which was created to protect me from getting carried away or expressing. Aniruddha has been the most adamant one to ensure the wall is broken and extract the best out me, so much so that I was surprised with myself at times. Is he my 3 am friend who listens to your stories? Definitely not.  He possibly would prefer 3 pm, as we have rules due to his rigidity. Expecting the best out of each other has been just the way we are, and both of us just cannot agree with anything less. You may find us in continuous debates and discussions in coffee shops or office about every little to every important thing about our life, and mostly work. There is always hope in everything we have been so far. 

My Son

I don’t think I miss an opportunity to make a mention of him in every experience of my life.  The nine years with him can be described by only one word: Discovery. His innocence and observations makes him the most admirable. His imperfect response makes perfect sense at times. Evaan, being so young, is the most open person I know with such great qualities and so much love in him that he does not leave a moment for you to go AWWW! 

There are many men, who have been a great source of learning and inspiration for me in many ways, and I would like to thank them all. The world is talking about gender inequality, and I’m sure it exists. But with an open attitude for relationships, freedom, striving for best and discovering life, we, as women, have been and will be able to make it worth it! 

Happy Women’s Day every one, whether you are a man or a woman! 

– Minal D’Rozario