The Journey that Actually Matters

by Nandita Sharma, Senior Associate

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company.

Being honest, the journey towards accomplishing any deliverables or working towards that overall
goal is long but worthwhile. Right from the moment you take on the mandate you share the same
excitement what your client felt when they started their company and the passion that still exist.
You slowly lay the foundation by understanding their vision and weave your own plan and lay down the path for them. You guide them, sometimes the journey is smooth but quite often few hiccups truly define the longevity and play a crucial role in strengthening your relationship with the client and every problem and challenges soon become milestones.

The entire journey, this past year, was a huge learning curve for me. Working on high-intensity
clients, at the same time, and going through multiple iterations and repetition, really taught me the power of patience and staying committed to your understanding of what is right for your client. I have faced several challenges on my way here, but each one of them has only strengthened me. Through my experience, I realized it is important to face failures sometimes this helps you to push more or understand that a certain change is required. Hence, failure became an important defining moment for me.

The last year was great cause of my mentors, Vaidehi and Shoeb. They invested a great deal of
expertise and energy in my growth and allowed me a space to grow and learn at my own pace and most important explore new areas. Without mentors, the world would be a very bleak place. Some of the greatest pioneers of all time once looked up to a mentor to help guide them and shape them into the leader they eventually became. From creating my first pitch presentation to closing a mandate or signing a long-term client basis my performance on another client, amongst others. The journey till this award has been crazy and unexpected but I loved every moment of it.