A Ward that Goes a Long Way

Anyone would admit to smelling their own farts. One fine day you walk into a room and happen to need to let loose a quick release. And I don’t know what, but you somehow feel the urge to get a quick whiff of the courtesy you’ve done. Whether or not people are around, you need to know if it has made its public announcement. It’s inevitable. Completely relatable too to be honest. Last year, when I had not won an award for progress or performance, I was put in that situation. I felt the urge to quickly validate if anyone noticed. Maybe some did, perhaps some didn’t see it. But one thing for sure I can tell you, the winners won for the ‘smell’ or fragrance they put up all year round. Good behaviour, meritorious performance, phenomenal client-work, or captivating character. All these and a reasonable list of positive traits attribute the value of an award ceremony. It is given to the ones who exude greatness. And I for one can say have been on both sides – leftover butter chicken masala and Azzaro for men.

There is a clear difference between growing by self-learning and growing under the shade of a tree. One can grow under the nurture of a mentor. Where values are passed on, teachings are given and inspiration is provided. On the other hand, one can grow by journeying solo into the jungle and emerge a grown ass (wo)man. Nice, great job Geronimo, But I’d like to take this opportunity to say go ahead, grow by yourself; but never hesitate to grow under a tree. It is a lateral process, a mentor can pull you up only if you grow as an individual as well. Same as how the leaves of a tree sprout with the support of the stump, branch, and trunk. And this is where the ‘Best Individual Growth’ matters to me. Its weight is measurable only by the seating of the plaque, but it’s worth by the distance your smell travels.

Growth is a sign of progress. These are values that bring you in the radar of the management. Please yourself by being a good person then you will please the management too. Please yourself by being a great performer then you will please the company by large. Winning awards is simply business with a great attitude. This is what I see as a karmic cycle that one must balance in order to survive let alone thrive in a competitive world where peers don equally if not stronger smells.