Elevating the brand name from a start-up to an award winning platform in the Indian investment ecosystem

Scripbox is an automated platform which recommends a regular (monthly) investment scheme to individuals, along with best mutual fund options to invest in, as per their income and preferences. Mutual funds had less than 3% investment rate in the Indian investment portfolio, due to the mistrust shown by customers. Ensuring that Scripbox becomes a household brand, both in customer and media mind space was a critical challenge.

Solutioning and Approach

  • Our team was responsible for creating a fresh approach to financial investments by de-jargonizing concepts of investing
  • Through an insights based approach, we conducted a customer outreach project with over 80% email response to understand why people save money. A strategic communication approach and positioning was then crafted for Scripbox
  • The PR approach was then taken across metros into 424 cities along with a universal tonality that was curated for financial investing
  • Multiple spokesperson opportunities were garnered, supplemented with a roster of industry recognition, thereby building brand credibility
  • Through a segmented media approach for different audience sets, real life case studies were spoken about in the media to help the audience understand financial investments better


Awards and recognitions including the Top 100 Red Herring Asia Awards, The Top 50 Smart CEO Awards and The Top 20 FinTech brands in India received

Speakership opportunities across The Mint Fin Tech Summit 2016 and Microsoft Ventures events garnered

Media coverages across 63 newspapers and 15 online news portals

2 TV broadcasts held in leading national news portals