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Chef Vinesh Johny is one of Asia’s best known pastry chefs, who heads the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science in Bengaluru. Mood Pills is a set of concept chocolates created by Chef Vinesh that was launched in June 2019, with an aim to connect with the consumer’s emotions. The ‘moods in a box’ include six pill-shaped chocolates, whose ingredients match its mood. Our team worked with Chef Vinesh to make Mood Pills a nationally spoken about phenomenon!

Solutioning and Approach

  • Product development happened post a discussion with Chef Vinesh on creating ‘innovations in patisseries and desserts’
  • Packaging and look and feel of the Mood Pill boxes conceptualized with Chef’s team
  • The product was launched at a Forbes 30 under 30 convention in Hong Kong
  • The Mood Pill boxes were then disseminated to celebrities and social media influencers all over India, and their reactions were amplified through traditional and digital media
  • Media coverage and conversations generated from June 2019 to November 2019
  • The product is now available for delivery in Bangalore through Swiggy


Collaboration with the music giant Spotify, to release custom, mood based playlists around Diwali 2019

Engagement from 20 celebrities, 7 digital influencers and 21 media personnel. More than 350,000 people reached

Featured in national publications including Times of India, BBC Good Food India and YourStory

Chef Vinesh’s appearance in a special episode dedicated to Mood Pills at the podcast Cyrus Says hosted by Cyrus Broacha and IVM podcasts