Baskin Robbins

Driving new product development and bottom line impact for India’s top premium ice cream brand

One of the first players in the Indian premium ice cream segment, Baskin Robbins found themselves in a tight spot in 2012, wherein the product was seen as over priced. Consumers also felt a disconnect with the product since ice cream taste was not suited to the Indian palette. The failure rate of new products launched was extremely high, which affected both, brand recall and brand image.

Solutioning and Approach

  • Focused on value co-creation, our team undertook several research initiatives to maintain regular communication with customers and derive key consumer insights
  • A consumer taste testing panel was set up for Baskin Robbins, that gauged the consumer reaction to flavor, mouth feel, taste, appearance, price name and propensity before the flavor’s market launch
  • Strategies for product and flavor development created in line with key consumer insights
  • The marketing and communication strategy for the brand was revised after an intensive competitor audit and FGDs with consumers
  • Weak products were weeded out, and improvements for better selling flavors were also suggested
  • Consumer insights gathered during the project were directly used for new product development, some of which became best selling flavors for the brand


Direct impact to bottom line with New product failure rate reduced by ~40%

Direct impact to top line through re-introduction of the Cookies and cream flavor, which is one of the top 5 Baskin Robbins flavors

Massive improvement in overall brand recall and brand image

Introduction of the Baskin Robbins Ice cream cake, which is one of their most popular product offerings today