Senior Associate- PR


Job Description

Why Ideosphere: 

Ideosphere is a boutique consultancy focused towards simplifying business complexities through compelling narratives. If you are looking at making an impact which is intrinsic and focused towards a deep rooted understanding of the businesses and their challenges, we would urge you to get in touch with us. 

What in Ideosphere

A client servicing profile to develop and implement effective media-strategies. Ability to implement the approach and meet the predetermined objectives. Willingness and ability to adapt to learn new mediums and tools but with an understanding and ability to develop content is important for the job.


Values Expected Within Ideosphere

  • Trust towards ownership of work and focus towards the value & outcomes
  • Authenticity to accept mistakes and failures if any, and an attitude to not make the same mistakes again based on feedback
  • Respect people’s opinions based on facts and validations
  • Empathy to collaborate with others and understand perspectives



Listen: Ability to listen to the client actual need and offer proactive or anticipate solutions 

Learn: To be agile and move quickly to alternate the approach if required

Leverage: Be outcome led and understand the value of that work on overall business of your customer


Job Responsibilities

  • Understand the industry of the client and approach to get to media campaign outcomes
  • Ability to pitch press release and feature ideas to the relevant media, to interest them in covering the clients’ stories
  • Ability to build client relationships and maintain a network of media contacts including journalists and industry spokespeople
  • Ability to write press releases, articles, blogs and the required content pieces
  • Work as part of the team to develop client proposals and implement the PR activity
  • Manage the needs of the client and their accounts
  • Contribute to team meetings, liaising and update clients on the activities undertaken

Job Requirements

  • Ability to multitask, be solution oriented and operate with team in a fast-paced environment while maintaining strong attention to detail
  • Excellent writing and speaking communication skills
  • Ability to understand the required story pitch points for achieving objectives of the brand
  • Ability to manage multiple projects
  • Keeping updated with current PR trends and tools
  • Bachelors/Masters in marketing, communication, business or other relevant field

Experience: 2 to 3 Years 

Location: Pune/Mumbai