Partner Manager

Job Description


Why Ideosphere

Ideosphere is a boutique consultancy focused towards simplifying business complexities through compelling narratives. If you are looking at making an impact which is intrinsic and focused towards a deep rooted understanding of the businesses and their challenges, we would urge you to get in touch with us.

What in Ideosphere

Ideosphere, along with its members, works in collaboration with a cohesive ecosystem which comprises experienced partners from across industries. A partner can be an external agency, freelancer or a consultant who joins forces with Ideosphere and helps in providing client solutions just like an extended team. 

As a partner manager, you will be responsible to understand the business and its functions in depth and work in a dynamic, challenging and an external facing environment where your skills to network will be of optimum use. Additionally, it will be important to bridge the gap between customer requirements, strategy and the right fit partner.

Your focus is to continuously explore partners across different business verticals, review and evaluate their work and align their values & output to Ideosphere. Being in touch with the partners to also understand their current showcase of work and keeping them posted about Ideosphere’s milestones and innovations. Explore new opportunities to collaborate in order to deliver great work across clients. Create metrics to evaluate partners across multiple parameters to be able to better choose the right team for the job. 


Values Expected Within Ideosphere

  • Creativity towards the exhibition of work that address customer challenges and solutions
  • Authenticity to accept mistakes and failures if any and an attitude to not make the same mistakes again based on feedback
  • Respect people’s opinions based on facts and validations, with limited biases. Listening to different points of view to make a fair judgement of the situation and requirement of the outcomes for the company
  • Empathy to understand that culture of people stands foremost in decision making of any kind


Job Responsibilities

Partner Onboarding

  • Responsible for proactive outreach to  identify prospective partners, evaluate their skills and on-board them on Ideo’s partner ecosystem
  • Understand Partners’ business; how they work, their growth strategy, their strategic initiatives and accordingly position Ideosphere as the partner of choice that can support their organization objectives
  • Work in coordination with Project Managers, understand the mandate requirement and accordingly develop strategies and execute partner acquisition plans

Partner Selection

  • Acquire deep knowledge of clients’ business, vision, and objectives, and accordingly identify the right partner from the ecosystem or onboard a new one as per the requirement
  • Be aligned to sales and new customer requirements to be better able to create/recommend the right team to work on any project

Partner Engagement 

  • Engage with partners regularly, ensure updations and uncover opportunities for collaboration
  • Serve as a primary point of contact for partner enquiries, issues and requests
  • Ensure that existing partners are in loop of all the updates related to Ideosphere and its clients, or their feedback
  • Build relationships with Partners to drive engagement, trust, confidence, loyalty, awareness and long-term relationship
  • Maintain a chain of transparent collaboration and feedback between partners, team members and client


  • Responsible for creating metrics for the evaluation of new partners prior to their onboarding
  • Maintain the database of all existing and prospective partners along with their SWOT analysis
  • Stay in regular touch with the Project Managers to keep the update of performance of the partners on the mandates assigned to them
  • Seamless feedback mechanism from both, Ideosphere as well as partners to further strengthen the system

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Should be a good relationship builder and strong communicator
  • Experience of working and handling multiple agencies across different verticals 
  • Should have a deep understanding of business marketing pathway
  • Strong time management, prioritization, and organizational skills, with attention to detail and ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Ability to multitask, manage multiple partners and cater their requirements
  • Is able to spark conversations in order to understand others skill set, attitude and willingness to work
  • Is able to act as a cupid and match relevant work and partners
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Commerce, Management, Marketing, HR or a related field