Brand Strategy Account Executive

Job Description

Why Ideosphere: 

Ideosphere is a brand strategy and communication firm that believes in the power of intentional, relevant, and purposeful communication. We champion the belief that effective communication creates great possibilities and empowers our clients to achieve their goals. If this excites you, read on!

What in Ideosphere

An account executive profile to understand and analyze the key insights with a brand lens and ownership. Ability to deliver on brand strategies, executing marketing and communication frameworks, and coordinate with client, internal teams, and/or external partners. Also, to the client’s point of contact.

Applicants should be comfortable with formulating brand strategy; research around brands, markets and competition; be able to derive insights from the research; articulate the brand strategy, values, messaging and go-to-market plans.

Be the owner of all the client related deliverables to drive the objectives of the mandate through brand strategy solutions.

The ideal candidate would have a passion for marketing and brand narratives and a drive to provide  exceptional result-oriented solutions. We’re looking for a dedicated and result centric account manager to maintain our clients’ accounts and serve as our main point of contact.

Values Expected Within Ideosphere

  • Empathy I will seek to understand the point of view of the other person
  • Integrity I will do what I commit; if I am unable to deliver, I will inform and realign
  • Ownership I will take equal ownership of success and failure equally
  • Respect I will respect people’s opinions based on facts and validations, with limited biases

Job Responsibilities


  • With the support of the Account Manager, to whom you will report, understand client requirements and deliverables for the proposed brand and marketing strategies and execute to meet KPIs
  • Standardisation and management of all important documents and information required
  • Clear tracking of account progress and adherence to set processes of the consultancy


  • Utilize various online databases, research reports, academic journals, and other sources to gather relevant information and insights related to clients’ needs and industries.
  • Create discussion guides based on research and business objectives.
    Conduct primary immersions with the audience set defined.
  • Analyze complex data and information gathered through primary and secondary research into clear, concise, and actionable insights.
  • Transform key insights into impactful marketing strategies.
  • Tailor messaging to specific target audiences by building an effective go to market plan.
  • Work with cross-functional teams and external partners to integrate message strategies into broader brand initiatives.
  • Lead execution under the supervision of the account manager.

Job Requirements

Hard Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of marketing principles and practices.
    Understanding of various marketing channels and how they contribute to overall strategy.
  • Ability to convey complex ideas in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.
  • Proficiency in conducting market research to gather insights. Familiarity with qualitative and quantitative research techniques is desirable.
  • Analytical skills to interpret data and translate it into actionable strategies.
    Experience in developing comprehensive communications plans.
  • Strong organizational skills to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Soft Skills

  • Disciplined with time and commitments
  • Solution oriented and rational decision maker
  • Ability to take and give feedback rationally
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Well-read with an interest and opinion on subjects
  • Well-travelled and culturally exposed

Experience: 1 to 3 Years with brand strategy firms/planning function in advertising agencies or as a customer  

Location: Pune