Who We Are

Stories have the power to evoke conversations, and great ones can build communities. This is at the core of what we do.

For more than 5 years we have helped companies to think and act like a brand by developing stories that cut through the noise and create crowds worth keeping. 


What we value

We value quite a few things, from vintage wine to breakfast in bed (sometimes both together !) But when it comes to everyday work life, our values run a tad deeper.




We hate settling for second best and are committed to producing exceptional work for our clients.




No sugar-coated white lies here. We like keeping things lean, simple and transparent. #sorrynotsorry




With several creativity awards in our pocket, we strive for creative excellence no matter what we are trying to sell.



At Ideosphere, we aspire to be known for the right reasons; Progressive, Culture and Good Work.



Easily the most experienced person means that her innate organizational and strategic expertise has resulted in the strong foundations of Ideosphere. The ability to understand consumer behavior and their effect on communication, her instincts lie towards structuring and forming and collaborating narratives for creating successful brand stories. Passion & Brand Ownership are some of the attributes she has successfully extended within the culture of Ideosphere. When not working, she is exploring new life experiences with her son and knowing more about food & culture.




If communication is an art, meet our maestro. His vision of amalgamating consumer insights and business perspectives to create strong and differentiated narratives for brands will separate the good from the great, influential and immortal led to him co-founding Ideosphere in 2011. His exposure across different aspects of the communication industry from client acquisition to company management gives him an edge to understand client businesses and align communication strategies for success. When he is not focusing on taking Ideosphere to next paradigm, you may find him on the running track in the morning, playing on the tennis court in the afternoon, or hitting the closest karaoke bar in the evening.




After working with a multinational for many years, Shoebahmed has been bitten by the start-up bug. Being an engineer has also made him realize that being a good programmer or product developer doesn’t necessarily make you a good storyteller. He’s happy to get a chance to address both these points at Ideosphere. His client side experience allows him to be more understanding of the business implications of good communication. Shoebahmed focuses his creativity on our clients in the South and is constantly looking to push the boundaries of innovation at Ideosphere. Being an avid sports fan (read: football) was all the push he needed to spearhead the sports communication division at Ideosphere.




When you need to build a company from grounds up, you need someone who has been there and done it himself. Mayur is the personification of that philosophy. Starting on the brand side as a marketing spearhead, he moved to digital marketing when digital was in its infancy here in India. Cutting his teeth on social media communication with the biggest brands in India gave him the right experience to setup Ourbit. The vision was simple, integrate the real world with digital world and amplify the brand voice. An engineer by training, Mayur brings logic in the randomness of digital communication.  An avid reader and a sports freak, Mayur is also a teacher and a dog lover.



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